XTZ Edge A2-400 (uit doos geweest)

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €980,00.Huidige prijs is: €720,00.

  • Deze versterker heeft de normale garantie
  • Vermogen:  2 x 420 W (1% THD, 4 Ω) / 2 x 220 W (1% THD, 8 Ω)
  • Versterker technologie:  ICEpower® – ICEedge CLASS D
  • Dempingsfactor: >600 (8 Ω, 20 – 500 Hz)

Following in the footsteps of the EDGE A2-300 that marked the epoch of a new generation of XTZ amplifiers with ICEpower® class D technology the EDGE A2-400 takes it to a whole new level. The EDGE A2-400 is a 2 channel power amplifier that has the same clean and minimalistic appearance as its predecessor, but when it comes to performance and sound quality it is the inside that counts.

Designed for outstanding audio quality and high performance the EDGE A2-400 features a newly developed amplifier module incorporating the latest in state of the art custom ICEpower® ICEedge chipset technology capable of 2 x 420 W output into 4 ohms or 1 x 800 W into 8 ohms in bridged/BTL mode and a solid 1000W auto-switching power supply (universal mains 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz) designed for high continuous power with a standby power consumption of only 0.26 W.

XTZ Edge A2-400 (uit doos geweest)