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Sugden Masterclass SPA-4
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Sugden Masterclass SPA-4

Prijs per product (stuk): €5 200,00

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The Sugden Masterclass series of Audio equipment embodies years of experience in designing and building audio reproduction equipment. The series embraces the highest level of today's technological possibilities to obtain the ultimate level of musical performance. Technological possibilities, which include circuit topography, discreet components, and material utilisation to extend the art of music reproduction beyond the scientific to an actual soul form. The special character of the series is the result of extended periods of subjective listening and tuning of the amplifying elements to achieve the ultimate audible results.

With over thirty years experience in design and manufacturing, the Masterclass AA power amplifier is by far the finest and most advanced Class A product from the Sugden factory. Like the Pre-amplifier this too is handcrafted with mechanical and electronic engineering of the highest standards. The sheer scale and presence of this amplifier generates confidence, offering a real insight into this remarkable 'musical instrument'. This class A design is possibly the most rewarding piece of audio equipment available in the world, at any price. The Masterclass AA conducts music in an effortless and natural way and is capable of producing a complete musical performance of incredible proportions. Power output should never be the prime consideration when purchasing an amplifier, but with 70watts of class A available specifications do sometimes matter.


Inputs: Stereo
line level, stereo balanced
Outputs: Stereo
pair multi way locking binding posts


Input sensitivity: 1Volt for full output

Power output: 75Watts into 4 ohms both channels working
Frequency response: +/-0dB 15Hz-30kHz
Bandwidth: -3dB points 2Hz-200kHz
Signal to noise: >85dB
Nett weight: 25kgs
Dimensions: 250 x 430 x 360mm (hwd)
The Masterclass AA is also available as a balanced monoblock


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