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Sugden Masterclass LA-4
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Sugden Masterclass LA-4

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The Sugden Masterclass series of Audio equipment embodies years of experience in designing and building audio reproduction equipment. The series embraces the highest level of today's technological possibilities to obtain the ultimate level of musical performance. Technological possibilities, which include circuit topography, discreet components, and material utilisation to extend the art of music reproduction beyond the scientific to an actual soul form. The special character of the series is the result of extended periods of subjective listening and tuning of the amplifying elements to achieve the ultimate audible results. Facilities: Stereo Inputs: One XLR Balanced, Four RCA Line Level, Two RCA Line Level Tape Stereo Outputs: One XLR Balanced, Two RCA Pre-Amp Outputs, Two RCA Tape Outputs The Masterclass Pre-amplifier is a state-of-the-art audio design incorporating many important features and facilities. Each Masterclass is individually handcrafted by a single team member and is your guarantee of a product of the highest quality. The electronic circuitry of the Masterclass Pre-amplifier has been developed to offer the best possible sonic performance without compromise. Attention to detail such as gold plated circuit board, silver soldered components and precision gold plated relay switching, place the Masterclass in a class of its own! Further improvements in sound quality are realised with the addition of a balanced input and output. This professional standard now allows the domestic audio enthusiast to enjoy the same high standards as the recording engineer and musician alike.


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