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XTZ 95.44 Black (DEMO)
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XTZ 95.44 Black (DEMO)

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95.44 / If you are looking for a special musical experience, with precision and distorsion free dynamics througout the entire frequency range even at high sound pressure levels, then the 95-series is the right choice for you!

The combination of a solid sound, high efficiency and high power handling capacity makes the 95-series the perfect choice. The 95-series is very well suited for large and powerful home cinema setups, but also for two channel music setups. The high quality polypropylene drivers with diecast aluminum baskets paired with the high end ribbon tweeter guarantees an effortless presentation, superb live atmosphere, incredible detail and a fantastic sound stage.


The high qualitey polypropylene cone with electro plated titanum paint is extremely light, yet offering stiffness to effectively reduce resonances. The rubber suspension makes sure any edge resonances are suppressed. The cast aluminum basket is acoustically transparent with a high precision from the exact moulding process. This ensures high efficiency. The basket is also absolutely non magnetic to further enhance the efficiency. A strong magnet together with the light cone provides good transient respons. High efficiency and the long stroke construction allows for a high sound pressure level.

We selected a ribbon tweeter with supreme transient respons and very flat frequency respons. Ribbon tweeters are frequently used in high end speakers The ribbon is placed in a die cast aluminum horn to maximize its efficiency. The ribbon is super light, only 18 microns thick. it´s a rosin-aluminum-rosin sandwich construction that´s been hardened in 320C temperature. The magnet system is built from two rows of highly effective neodynium magnets in a cast carbon steel construction. Fish bone shape connectors made from aluminum ensures a low contact resistance and good heat dissipation. The tweeter can take high levels of power, and handles frequencies up to 40 kHz which makes it ideal for DVD Audio and SACD.

About XTZ
XTZ simply put is the net result of years of experience in the engineering, manufacturing and production in the Hi Fi business. We collaborate with several companies in Europe and Asia, whilst manufacturing is done in both Sweden, and Asia.

The knowledge and experience we have; not only about how a speaker should sound, but also the construction and the choice of components helps us to create amazing sounding products. Whilst we are a relatively new and young brand, we have a vast pool of experience to draw upon.

Technical Specifications::
Tweeter driver: High End ribbon unit with die cast aluminium horn 
Connection terminals are gold plated and accept banana plugs 
Three way-construction 
Selectable between bass reflex or sealed cabinet 
Metal grill 
Efficiency: 89 dB 
Adjustable tweeter level 

Measurements: 1080 x 218 x 350 mm (HxWxD) 
Weight: 95.44 - 25 kg/pc 
Magnetically shielded: No 
Power handling: 300 W Short term (150 W Long term) IEC 268-5 
Impedance: 4-8 Ohm


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