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XTZ sub 10.17
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XTZ sub 10.17

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The new SUB 17-series is an update on the 16-Series, that for several years has been among the most popular subwoofers on the market. It meant a clear challenge to create an improved version of something so popular. With the new series, we managed to create a modern cabinet design that has a higher finish and robust construction but also better performance. SUB 17-series has an newly developed woofers with high transient speed through a lightweight yet very rigid diaphragm and a very strong “motor”.

The newly developed amplifier uses the latest Class D technology and can deliver 500 watts RMS, providing a riveting control on the membrane and simultaneously is many times more energy efficient than previously used amplifier technology.

- The Bass driver has FEA optimized magnetic field with very high accuracy on the “T” the pole piece.

- Optimized magnetic system / suspension with Klippel laser-based measurement systems.

- Short circuit rings of Aluminum on the pole piece to minimize inductance and reduce non-linear distortion at large cone movement.

- An Aluminum voice coil that can withstand extremely high temperatures.

- Cone suspension In NBR rubber with maximum linearity

- “Spider” Suspension in the unique blend of ploy-cotton and Nomex for maximum mechanical strength and stability.


- The Cabinet consists of 25 mm thick MDF which is further strengthened with internal bracing.

- The ports are extra large to reduce air flow noise. Moreover, they are both glued and bolted for maximum stability.

- The ports have two different lengths where the left is longer which gives, using the bass plugs, no less than four different tune settings, moreover add the three EQ modes, frequency- and phase adjustment and you have very many opportunities to get a perfect base in every room.



Driver 10” High speed Driver

Anechoic REF 20 Hz - 160 Hz (Ported), 26 Hz - 160 Hz (Closed)

Variable low pass 40 - 160 Hz

Crossover 24 dB/Octave

Phase 0 - 180 ° (Variable)

Amp Power 500 Watt RMS, 800 Watt Peak Power

Inputs L & R Unbalanced RCA, LFE Unbalanced RCA, Balanced XLR , Program Port

Warranty(Speaker): Five Years

Warranty(Amplifier): Two Years

Dimensions(HxWxD): 420 x 320 x 380 mm

Weight: 20 kg